Crelate System Requirements
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Browser Requirements:

Crelate is tested with the following web-browsers, and users should always use the latest version of each browser:

  • Google Chrome *

  • Mozilla Firefox *

  • Apple Safari

  • Microsoft Edge

    * are preferred browsers.

For the best experience on Crelate, we recommend Google’s Chrome browser, as it supports our Chrome Parser tool.

Browser Configuration (Required)

  • JavaScript Enabled

  • Cookies Enabled

  • Local Storage Enabled

  • TLS 1.2 and higher enabledOptional for best performance

Optional for best performance

  • Web sockets

  • Note: 3rd party extensions that inject JavaScript or CSS into the Crelate application are not supported. While many work, users should do their own testing.

Hardware Requirements:

We rely on the latest browser requirements – (Example:

For best performance however, we recommend at least an 8th Generation Intel I5 or higher or equivalent processor, with at least 8GB of memory. The application scales to all browser resolutions above 1024x768. For best viewing, we recommend 1920x1080 or higher.

Mobile Requirements:

  • IOS 12 and higher

  • Android 6.0 and higher

  • iPad iOS 12 and higher

Outlook Add-in:

  • Office365 subscription required, with latest version of Outlook.

Email Journaling:

  • Office365 Business Standard or Higher with “Journaling” capabilities

  • Google gSuite

Chrome Extension:

  • Google Chrome Latest v72 or higher.

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