Selecting your Activity Mode
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In Crelate, you'll have the ability to select a preference of Activity Mode for each activity you create. To begin, navigate to Settings | Activities and then select the activity you'd like to configure.

There are 3 types of Activity Modes

  1. Standard Activity: This allows for general notation. You may log that an activity was completed or is scheduled out for a future date, however, no meeting invitation will be initiated

  2. Calendar Activity: When scheduled, you may choose to send a meeting invitation both to your own calendar as well as any invitee. This mode is typically selected for those events such as interviews and phone screens which may merit an invitation.

  3. Placement Activity: This mode can be selected when looking to track a completed placement. When creating a placement activity, you may track additional information such as salary, start date and fees.

What's next?

If you've set a calendar activity type, now learn how to schedule and send a calendar invite! Or, Looking for more information on how to enable or how to create a follow up activity? Check out our content below!

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