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You can start sending Bulk Emails to your Contacts and Candidates by adding your Email Connection. Users can send Bulk Email either from the Job Board or from the Contacts header. Users may send Bulk Emails up to 100 Contacts at a time, depending on the number of records selected. Users may use pre-formed Templates or custom email messages each time they send out a Bulk Email.

To send a Bulk Email from the Contacts menu, first select any number of Contacts. Click on Selected Contacts and then select Send Bulk Email. For information on the differences between Campaigns and Bulk Email, see the article here: Campaign vs Send Email

Pro Tip: It is often preferred to send an email in mass as a Campaign Email as this will allow for tracking of delivery, open, clicks in addition to allowing higher limits. See more on that HERE.

Sending From Search

Sending from Contacts

Composing Email

The Preview Email dialogue will appear on your screen. From here, you can either create a custom email message or use a pre-filled template. Click either Begin Writing an Email or Select an Email Template. For Help with Creating Email templates, please review: Using Email Templates

You can set both a Regarding (any existing Job in your system) and a custom Subject or use pre-filled data slugs (used from the drop down menu on the Subject line). After entering all the relevant information in the text box, Users can verify how their email will appear to the recipient Contacts by clicking on their information in the left column. This column will also alert users if a selected Contact does not have an email set on their record.

Sending from the Job Dashboard

To send a Bulk Email from the Search Board, select any Job and then any number of Candidates. Then click Selected Contacts and then Send Bulk Email. The process for sending Bulk Email is the same as written above.

What's Next?

Take a look at addition bulk email content and limits:

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