Creating or Deleting a Job
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In Crelate, you may create a job to align with a job requisition you are looking to fill. Creating a job in Crelate allows you to links that position to a given job title and company. Once a job is created, you'll have the ability to then add candidates and move them through your Recruiting Workflow to track where each candidate is in your pipeline.

Creating a Job

Select the Menu in the upper left and then choose Job.

Pro Tip: As an account administrator, you may create a Custom Opportunity to easily track different types of projects. This is often used for those firms that may have direct hire, temp hire, and may do some consulting as well. The benefit here is to allow you to easily report on each type as well as add a unique placement form for each (presuming the placement and data you need for a direct hire differs vastly from that of a temp hire).

Once you select Job, the Job Creation Screen will appear

  • Fill in the fields for the job (detailed description of fields below) and select OK.

After select OK, your Job is created and you can start finding candidates for the position.

Deleting a Job:

Deleting a job can be done from the job page. When selecting the 'this job' drop down, you may then delete that from your database.

**Please Note** This is a permanent action and cannot be undone.

You'll also have the capability to do this in bulk from the jobs or opportunities page by highlighting and removing in bulk. You may delete up to 200 at once.

What's Next?

Learn more about creating custom opportunities or once a job has been created, how you may manage candidates through your workflow.

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