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Creating a Custom Visualization for your View
Creating a Custom Visualization for your View
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To create a new Visualization for any view in Crelate, open up the workflow you would like to create a visualization for and click the cogwheel icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Options for how you are currently viewing this workflow will slide in from the right. Scroll down on the screen until you see the option for Visualizations, and click the green + icon to create a new visualization.

Options for what type of Visualization to add will appear. Select the type of visualization you want to add, and options for the behavior of that visualization will appear. In this example, I'm adding a visualization for the Tile View that changes the tile's color based off of where I sourced the Candidate from.

I can choose a tile color for every source in my picklist, or add more to the empty rows at the bottom. I can also choose a Default color for tiles in this visualization at the bottom.


For this example, I'm coloring all the candidates I sourced from LinkedIn Pink

You can see all of my candidates sourced from LinkedIn are Pink on this tile view

There are multiple types of visualizations you can configure. You can Color items, use a Color Gradient, or Fade items with visualizations.

In this example, I am Fading tiles that have an activity date of 3 or more days ago. With the green + icon in the Visualizations box, I can add another custom visualization. At the top of the visualization prompt, there is a Visualization Type drop down. Select Fade out.


Choose the parameters in which you would want tiles to Fade Out on your view. Here I am saying "Begin fading tiles out after 3 days with no activity". I have the second prompt blank, meaning "infinity".


Click Save at the top to save your new Visualizations

You now have Visualizations that you can select and de-select from the Sunglasses icon at the top of the screen.

What's Next?

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