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Creating and using Filters

How to use filters on your home page

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To create a new Filter for any view in Crelate, open up the workflow you would like to create a filter for and click the cogwheel icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Options for how you are currently viewing this workflow will slide in from the right. Scroll down on the screen until you see the option for Filters, and click the green + icon to create a new filter.

Options for what type of filter to add will appear. Select the type of filter you want to add, and it will add an unselected filter to the Filters box.

On the new filter, click the Select Filter Values text. Options will appear for what you would like to filter in the view. Select your parameters, and click OK.

You now have a filter on that will filter items in your workflow. Click Save at the top to add this filter to the current view. To turn the filter off, simply uncheck the box in the view options.

Creating a New Home Page View

Should you wish to create a new view that you may toggle between, select the Save As option.

Give a name to your view and check to share with other users!

Toggle to your view via the top drop down menu.

What's Next?

If you'd like to turn your home page into a progress report to export or learn more about customizing home page, select the links below:

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