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Setting a Priority for your Opportunities
Setting a Priority for your Opportunities
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To set the priority of your opportunities, you'll want to navigate to the Sales section of your home page. From that tab, you may select the given opportunity that you'd like to alter a status for.

Why would I assign a priority to my opportunity?

The main value here is being able to separate the important from the 'not-so-much.' Have a deal that is high revenue or high touch? Mark it as HOT so that you and the team know to place a higher priority on it.

However, the use case doesn't stop there. You may quickly narrow the scope of your view to only show jobs that have a certain priority.

Pro Tip: You may customize your Priorities by navigating to Settings | Picklists | Priorities to modify, delete or add new.

Within your Sales tab, select the cogwheel and scroll down to Configure Quick-Filter Tiles.

You'll then have the ability to create a quick filter tile by Priority.

Once your quick filter tile(s) are created, easily select based on priority type to narrow your view by only those specific opportunities.

What's Next?

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