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Integrating your Career Page with your Website
Integrating your Career Page with your Website

How to integrate your jobs page to your website via an iFrame or RSS feed

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Crelate, provides several methods for integrating your Candidate Portal with your website. For website integration, you may utilize a web link, iframe or RSS feed.

**Please Note** Custom development and portal integration is outside the scope of standard support.

Web Link – The simplest method is a direct link. The link is a URL that you can add to your web site that will direct users to your portal. The URL for your candidate portal is in the following format:

Please note - You'll need to replace the yourorgname to the name of your actual Crelate organization name

A link may be added to your web site using standard design and development tools. The HTML code for this link might look like this:
<a href="">Open Positions</a>

Note: Be sure to replace the word "yourorgname" with the prefix of your company’s Crelate organization name.

IFRAME – The next method is to embed the candidate portal within your existing web site. This method is done via an HTML element known as an IFRAME. An IFRAME is basically a "window" to another website that can be embedded into your web site. This is done by adding a widget or HTML code to your website. The HTML code for this method would look something like this:
<iframe src=""/>

Please note, the "iframe=true" at the end of the URL. This tells Crelate to not render the header and footer of your candidate portal, such that it looks cleaner when embedded in an existing website. The IFRAME tag supports addition attributes and styles that allow you to position and size the window to appear how you like.

RSS – The final option is the most complicated and the most flexible. This method allows you to format the jobs directly in your web page, filter them and present them anyway you like. The method involves writing custom code, or making use of a 3rd party widget that accepts the RSS XML format and transforms it into HTML. The URL for your RSS feed will be in the following format:

Please contact your web developer or web master for details and level of effort required to implement the above integration options with your website. Every web site is different and the requirements needed to integrate can vary widely.

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