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A database export, or backup, can be requested once every 30 days as a Crelate Business customer and every 15 days on our Enterprise plan. This export includes your entire database: All records, experiences, and optionally all attachments such as resumes, documents, and profile pictures.

Once exported, the database backup can be downloaded directly from Crelate as a password protected ZIP file.

Important: Backups must be downloaded within 45 days of when they are requested.

Requesting a Database Backup

1. To start, navigate to Settings | Data Export | Request an Export.

Note: This may take several hours to complete.

Here, you will be able to choose if you want a Full Database Export which will include your entire database, or if you just want an Incremental Database Export, which will only include the newest information since your last export.

You now also have the choice to include attachments or not. Choosing to include attachments will increase wait time.

When the export is done, Crelate will send you an email. This will appear similar to the below:

Return to the Database Export area, and you can Download Zip File your database in a zip file. **Please Note** a password is included in this section and is required to download your database backup.

What's Next?

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