A database export can be requested once every 30 days as a Crelate Business customer and every 15 days on our Enterprise plan. This export includes your entire database: All records, experiences, and attachments such as resumes, profile pictures, etc. Once exported, the database backup can be downloaded directly from Crelate.

Requesting a Database Backup

1. To start, navigate to Settings | Data Export | Request an Export. **Please Note** This may take 12- 24 hours to complete.

When the export is done, Crelate will send you an email. This will appear similar to the below:

Return to the Database Export area, and you can Download Zip File your database in a zip file. **Please Note** a password is included in this section and is required to download your database backup.

What's Next?

Want to learn a bit more on understanding your backup? Check out our guide below!

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