Setting your Default TEL Handler

How to set your click to dial on your Mac or PC for the purpose of Click to Dial

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In Crelate, you'll have the ability to utilize most VOIP providers to place outbound calls for click to dial functionality. Doing so does require the necessity of having a soft-phone app and being able to set that app as your within your computer settings. Once this is set, scroll down the the What's Next at the bottom for more information on using Click to Dial

To set your Tel, Call To, and Votel default on your PC (Mac Steps below), you can select the windows icon and search "Default" to find Default Apps.

From there, you will want to scroll down and find Choose default apps by protocol.

From there you will want Scroll through and find TEL URL:TEL Protocol column and select your Choose a default and choose your preferred default app.

For MAC users, FaceTime | Preferences and you can change your default for calls program.

What's Next?

With this now configured, see how you may start to use Click to Dial!

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