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Tips for joining a conference meeting with a Crelate representative

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If you're preparing to join a meeting with a Crelate representative either as a new customer, trial user, or prospect, you'll likely need to join via Ring Central Meetings.

To join, find your invitation via your email calendar and click the link below.


Once, completed, you'll likely be prompted to the following screen. If the extension does download, it should launch a direct extension that will bring you into the conference line.


You may 'run' that download to then join the conference line. The image on the left below is what you'll see upon joining the conference. The image on the right, may briefly appear first. If you're not entered into the conference line, you may copy and paste the meeting ID from your initial invitation by selecting "Join a Meeting."


Should that not happen, there is an additional option you may take.

You may use the "click here" (see below) option shown below. This should allow you to enter the conference via a web browser as opposed to the RingCentral Meetings app.

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