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A Reach-Out is classified as an attempt to make contact with someone. A Reach-out in Crelate is tracked based on your settings when you log activities. The common use case here is to allow you to track your pipeline. Setting reach out activities will automatically updated Reach Out date field giving your the ability to quickly and easily find out when you last attempted to connect with a contact. This can be helpful from an individual perspective as well as a managerial oversight tool.

Setting a Reach-out Activity

In Crelate, Reach-out's can be tracked while you are logging an activity. Once enabled, you will see a checkbox option for reach out that looks like this:


To enable this box, you will need to designate this in your Settings | Activities:


Enabling Reach Out's to be shown on the Client Portal

Enabling Reach Out's in your settings will allow you to begin tracking these using the checkbox; but it does not automatically make them visible to your Clients. To share Reach Out activities on your Client Portal, you will need to do two things.

1. You will need to ensure you have set the specific Activities to Display on your Client Portal

2. You will need to navigate to Settings | Client Portal and customize your home page and/or job page views to reflect Reach Out's. Please see below.


Once you have completed these two steps, Reach Outs will appear in the activity summary on your home page and/or job page views!

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