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Setting Activities to Display on your Client Portal
Setting Activities to Display on your Client Portal
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As you interact with candidates in Crelate, you can log an activity with them. Activities can be completely customized by each Crelate customer. When your Client Portal is enabled, you will have the option to share activities you are logging with your Clients. This article will highlight the set-up and client experience of this setting.


Crelate will allow you to select which activities you may want to share while keeping others confidential. To enable an activity in the Client Portal, you will navigate to Settings | Activities and begin by selecting the activity you wish to share. From here, you will use the drop down for "On Client Portal" to determine how to share.


Based on the selection you make from the drop down, you will see a checkbox option in the activity screen that looks like this:


- Selecting Notify Client will send the clients you have shared the portal with an email notification letting them know a new activity has been logged.

- For more information on the Reach Out box, please go here: Reach Out Activity

If you select "Show On Client Portal" and hit save, this will then reflect in the activity stream. This way, you can easily see any activity that is being shared to the portal from the candidate record.


Client Experience

Once you have shared an activity to the Client portal, your clients will be able to review this information. They will be able to see a list of all shared candidates in a specific job.


Once they have selected a contact from the list, they will be able to review the candidates resume, leave feedback, see any shared contact information, and see a history. The history section shown below will provide them with any of your shared activities with this candidate.


What's Next?

Looking for a comprehensive Client Portal guide? Or need information on creating custom activities? We have you covered!

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