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Make Gmail the default Mail Application on a Mac
Make Gmail the default Mail Application on a Mac
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In this article, I will explain how to set your default email to Gmail on your mac for the purposes of clicking on weblinks that open email addresses. Once set, this will open Gmail with the to: address set to the contact that you would like to send the email to, while on your Mac. Note: You must be using google chrome on your mac.

Setting Gmail as the default mail client in Chrome.

1. Open gmail in your chrome browser. On the right side of your address bar there will be a gray double diamond icon, called the "protocol handler icon". (If you do not see the icon, skip to step 3) note: you must be logged into gmail and have the gmail tab opened to see this icon

2. After clicking the icon, a box will appear with this prompt. Simply click 'Allow', then 'Done', and you're all set!

3. If you didn't have the protocol handler icon on the right side of your address bar, go to: settings > content settings (under "privacy")

4. In content settings, find "Handlers" and click the "Manage Handlers" box

5. A box will appear that allows you to set your "mailto" with a dropdown menu. Select

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