Deleting Reports
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When deleting a Report, Page, or Chart in Crelate, you'll want to be cognizant of what you are removing.

Prior to discussing deleting a report, we'll discuss the 3 main components of reports.

  • Item #1: Report - This includes the overall report, the pages, as well as any chart within each page. The goal here is to create reports as your top line form of organization.

  • Item #2: Page - Consist of charts. The pages ultimately help to group and organize your data in specific pages.

  • Item #3: Charts - The individual data points. This is where you'll have the actual nuts and bolts of your reporting.

To delete and entire report and everything it encompasses (pages and charts) utilizing the This Report drop down and then delete.

When the Report itself is sound but you'd simply like to delete a Page (and all charts within that page), you'll want to select the Configure Page option to delete that page from your overall report.

To delete a Chart within a Page, you'll want to select the Chart. To do so, you may single click that chart which will cause a blue outline to appear around it as shown below. From there, selecting Configure Chart will give you the option to delete it.

What's Next?

Looking for a full reporting guide? Check out our overview below as well as some more specific advanced reports!

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