Crelate offers the ability to designate a contact as a Lead, Sales/Client, or candidate. A contact may actually be all three or none. The goal here is to allow customers to have records that are more than one type to avoid the need to have multiple records (ie. one sales contact and one candidate) for the same contact.

The differences between those types are as follows:

  • Candidate: This is a contact that you are, or may in the future, consider for job openings. This is any active or potential contact you may have engagement with surrounding an available job.

  • Sales/Client Contact: This is a contact that is employed by a client you are working with. This is used to signify that this contact is employed at an ACTIVE client that you work with.

  • Lead Contact: This is a contact that is employed by a prospective or potential client. The idea here is to qualify those contacts that you're targeting for future business.

All types can be queried and are additionally available by default in the Contacts tab.

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