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Crelate offers an External Resume Search through 3 different providers: Resume Library, Dice, and CareerBuilder. To use the Dice (Talent Search) or Career Builder (Recruitment Edge) you will need to have subscriptions with those providers.

The Resume Library external resume search allows you to pay within Crelate to source resumes. For specific set-up instructions, please view the links below:

To enable Crelate's External Resume Search for Resume Library, Dice or CareerBuilder; you'll want to navigate to Settings | External Resume Search. Here, you will be able to toggle your preferred providers to ON and either enter your credentials or select your package and pay.

Once you have enabled the external resume search for one or more provider, you will be able to begin searching. Use Crelate's boolean logic search bar to enter a keyword(s) and select Go. For more on Crelate's search, See Here.

In search, you will notice tabs across the top of your screen for your Crelate search results and any enabled external search providers. You can click into the tabs to see the resume results matching your keyword search. Each tab will have different options available for filtering or refining your results.

To preview a resume or profile, double click into one of the results. To purchase a resume or download a profile and create a contact in Crelate, select Unlock or Download Full Profile. Once you confirm, you will be taken directly to the new record in Crelate.

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