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Creating a Job Dashboard Progress Report
Creating a Job Dashboard Progress Report
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Generating a search progress report is helpful when you want or need an Excel Spreadsheet overview of your current job search.

For instance, if a client asks you for an Excel file of your current job search or searches, you are able to provide them the search progress report in a matter of no time. Or, if you're at quick Monday morning stand- up, it can be useful to generate a pipeline based view/report.

To begin, navigate to the cogwheel in the top right hand corner to customize your view.

You may then select which fields you would like included in your export.

Next, you may select the arrow in the top right hand corner to export.

Finally, you'll have the ability to further customize what you'd like included in your export.

What is included in the activities sheet? When selecting that option, you'll notice 2 sheets included in your export

Sheet one will be your Candidates sheet. This will include a pipeline breakdown and any Fields included in the report. The second sheet, Activities, will include a breakdown of each candidate, activity type, owner and any notes affiliated with that activity.

What's Next?

For more on customizing your view in a job dashboard or for generating home page report, check out our content below!

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