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LogicMelon is a 3rd party service that provides job advert distribution (multicasting) to job boards and other media for both recruitment agencies and direct employers.

Using our integration with LogicMelon, you are able to post to any job board in their network.

Set Up

In order to use LogicMelon via Crelate you must have a separate LogicMelon account. For convenience we have supplied a form inside of Crelate that you can fill out in order to get that setup.

To start, select your navigation menu and select Your Profile & Preferences

From there, select Integrations.

Logging In

Once you have a LogicMelon account then you can sign in and post to all of the job boards LogicMelon supports.

The easiest way to add your credentials to your Crelate is to click on the “Add LogicMelon Connection” button (number 2 in the image above).

You will then be prompted with a dialog where you will be able to enter your Username, Password and optionally API Key.

**Please Note** If you created an account with LogicMelon and they supplied you with an API Key, you can add it here. Otherwise if you signed up for LogicMelon by using the form within Crelate then you do not need to add an API Key.

Posting via LogicMelon

Crelate allows you to post a job to any of the job boards that you have configured in your LogicMelon account.

**Please Note** You must configure which job boards you are able to post to through your LogicMelon account.

For more information about setting up job boards please contact LogicMelon at

To post to the various job boards you must publish the job to your portal and have entered in credentials. Once the job is posted to your portal click on the “Post” button to begin the posting.

Once the button is clicked a dialog will open that will allow you to continue the posting via LogicMelon.

From here you are able to select the various job boards that you would like to post the job to by selecting them and clicking next.

On the next page Crelate will auto populate as most of the job board information for you, but there is some information that LogicMelon requires that needs to be entered manually such as Type of employment. If there is any required information missing LogicMelon will prompt you to enter it.

Continue clicking next until you are prompted to finish the posting. Once you hit finish LogicMelon will give you a message stating if the posting was sent successfully, after which you can either close the dialog or let it close automatically.

**Please Note** LogicMelon will send your job information to the boards that you requested but this is not a guarantee. Whether or not the job is posted is up to the discretion of the individual job board.

Tracking Applicants

Crelate will pass your portal URL along to LogicMelon for people to apply at. Once someone applies to your job on your portal they will show up in the Intake tab with an initial source of LogicMelon.

Once you approve the application then it will become a contact and the source will be more specific. It will tell you which job board the contact found your job on and if it was through LogicMelon. Ex. LogicMelon – Monster

What's Next?

Looking to sign up or learn more about LogicMelon? Click the link below to get started!

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