Deleting a Contact Record
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There are several ways to delete contact records in Crelate.

First, to delete an individual contact in Crelate, you'll want to navigate to that contact's profile. Selecting the This Contact drop down, will then display the option to Delete. **Please Note** This action is final.

To delete contacts in bulk, you may do that from your Contacts view. Please note, this can also be done from the Company or Opportunity tab. You'll first want to select the contacts you wish to delete. From there, select the Select Contacts drop down above. You may do this is full page lengths of 100 or 200 at a time. Below, we'll discuss how to set your page limits for larger mass deletion options.

To alter your page view, select your navigation menu and select Your Profile & Preferences

Afterwards, you'll want to navigate to the Preferences section. From there, you may slide the toggle over to '200' and then remember to save and refresh your browser.

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