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How to Integrate your Spark Hire Account
How to Integrate your Spark Hire Account
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Crelate's integration with SparkHire allows you to connect your account for the video interview integration.

To integrate your Spark Hire account, you'll want to select your navigation menu and select Your Profile & Preferences

Afterwards, you'll want to navigate to the Integrations section.

From there, you'll have the capability to add your API key to Crelate. If you do need assistance finding that API key, you'll have the option to follow the prompt below to guide you on attaining that.

Next, you'll be prompted with a success notification letting you know that is set up!

With that enabled, you'll want to give your browser a quick refresh.

When navigating to a contact profile, you'll now notice Spark Hire's logo in your activity stream.

When selecting that icon, you'll be prompted with 5 fields:

Job: This will allow you to link the jobs in Spark Hire so that the applicant is aware of which job they are completing a video interview for.

Question Set: This will allow you to link questions that have been created in Spark Hire. This enables Crelate to pull those questions to send to the candidate.

Expires On: This will set a limit of how long the candidate will the ability to complete those questions. After the expiration, they will no longer be able to access the questions that have been created.

Regarding: This enables you to make these questions regarding a job in Crelate so that the interview will not only show in Crelate but also on the job's activity feed.

Notes: This will allow you to type in a message that is then sent along to the candidate.

After sending that request, the data will populate below as an activity. The Spark Hire job will be hyperlinked giving you the ability to be redirected directly to your Spark Hire account.

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