Viewing Records from Spreadsheet Imports
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Once a spreadsheet has been imported, there are 3 primary ways to view those imported records.

  1. From your personal profile

  2. From Contacts, Companies, or Opportunities

  3. Using Find

1. Select your navigation menu and Your Profile & Preferences

Afterwards, you'll want to navigate to the My Imports section.

2. If you navigate to the contact, companies, or jobs menu and then select the drop down above, you'll have the ability to view your 'recent imports.'

3. Go to the area of records you would like to view (Contacts, Companies, Jobs) and click the Find icon at the top of the screen:

In Find, click the Add Field drop down and select Import Job to add the filter to the query. Once Import Job has been selected, you may use the magnifying glass to select your import by name.

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