Chrome Extension Troubleshooting
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If your Chrome Extension is spinning, you may need to enable third-party cookies or check your extension's site data access.

To enable third-party cookies in your Google Chrome Browser follow these steps:

1. Click the Chrome menu in the browser toolbar.

2. Select Settings.

3. In the "Privacy and security" section, click the Site Settings button

4. In the Content section, select Cookies and site data.

5. Make sure that you either have option number 1 or 2 enabled. You cannot use the extension if you block 3rd party cookies or block all cookies.

To check your extension's site data access, follow these steps:

  1. Right click on the extension icon in the upper right of the toolbar

  2. Hover over the option that reads "This can read and change site data"

  3. Ensure that "On all sites" is the selected option

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