Rejecting Applications

How to reject a new application

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When an applicant applies to your published job, there are options to approve, reject or block those candidates from your intake tab or your job dashboard. Doing so can in turn trigger events in Crelate such as emailing that candidate an email template. You may configure which stage this trigger occurs and where you'd like rejected intake candidates to move to.

In Crelate, rejecting an application signals the candidate isn't a good fit for the position they applied for but we want to keep them in the database for future use.

Once a candidate is rejected, Crelate will automatically put them in your first recruiting workflow stage for "Done, negative outcome" on the job that they applied to.

To alter the stage of where your rejected applicants are moved, navigate to Settings | Recruiting Workflow and select the stage to change the type to Done, Negative Outcome.

Within each stage you may also configure an automatic email. If you would like to perform the courtesy of a rejection email without drafting and composing a new email each time, you may set up an automated rejection email. This email will send out automatically as soon as you move a candidate to the designated workflow stage of your choosing.

What's Next?

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