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Searching Resumes in Career Builder
Searching Resumes in Career Builder
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If you have access to Career Builder's Recruitment Edge, you may use your credentials to connect Recruitment Edge with your Crelate account. This will enable searching and importing candidate profiles from CareerBuilder directly into Crelate.

Please note: You MUST first enable this feature in our User Security Settings prior to your non administrative users having this feature available.

To enable Crelate's External Resume Search for CareerBuilder, you'll want to navigate to Settings>>External Resume Search.

Once enabled, you'll need to enter your user credentials. To start, select your navigation menu and select Your Profile & Preferences

Next, navigate to Integrations and select the option to connect your CareerBuilder account. You'll be prompted with a dialogue box to enter in your unique CareerBuilder account credentials.

Once connected, you can start your Boolean search in Crelate by typing in a keyword(s).

Once you hit Go on your search, you will notice a tab for CareerBuilder. When selecting this tab, it will display those contacts sourced from CareerBuilder's Recruitment Edge. You may also notice some additional filters on the right side of your screen. These options will allow you to filter or narrow your results by candidates within a certain radius or with a specific job title.

To download a profile, double click that individual's name. You will see a preview of the profile including location and skill information. You'll notice an option to 'Download Full Profile' in the lower right. Selecting this option will prompt a confirmation followed by redirecting you to that contact's record.

What's Next?

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