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Differentiating a "List" from a "Query"
Differentiating a "List" from a "Query"
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It's important to know the difference between a List and a Query in Crelate so you can get the most use out of each feature.

In short, a "List" is a collection of records that are manually added. Often this is thought of as a "Static" list. For example, Contacts or Candidates are manually added and removed from the list.

In the example below using Candidates, the screenshot shows you'll notice the "Sales Contacts" list. Additionally lists can be accessed via this drop-down.

A "Query", on the other hand, is a collection of contacts/candidates that meet a specific criteria. This is considered a 'dynamic' query, as contacts will be added to the result, or removed from the results, based on meeting the "Query filter" (such as a 'Tag' or "Address' info, etc.).

So, when I manually put in my list to Crelate, I also Tagged them with key terms that differentiate them from each other. If I want to create a "Query" based on the following Tags I can do so such as the example of the "active" tag below:

After I click on "Save" Crelate will ask me to give the new Query a name. I'm going to name this query "Active Contacts for Google" I also have the option of sharing this query with all other users.

Once the new Query is saved it will then be saved to "My Queries" and as records are updated/edited/added the Query Filter will dynamically change with the added data (in this example in relation to Tags).

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