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How do you Select Multiple Candidates?
How do you Select Multiple Candidates?
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In Crelate, you can select multiple candidates at one time by using the Control (ctrl) and Shift keys.

CTRL and Shift keys will differ in use
The CTRL key allows you to click and select multiple files that on your file list. These contacts do not necessarily need to be located next to one another. You may hold down the CTRL key and select a contacts name in order to see their record highlighted.


Shift allows you to select a group of files that are contiguous (i.e. next to each other) by clicking one contact, and then holding Shift and clicking the last contact. This will select all contacts in between.


With those contacts selected, you may then either export or take actions in bulk. Below, you'll see the option to select contacts and then export ONLY those contact's information.

Additionally, by selecting the Selected Contacts drop down, you'll be able to take a variety of different actions such as tagging, texting and sending an email campaign in bulk.

What's Next?

Want to learn more about bulk actions that you may take in Crelate? Need more information specifically on texting and email campaigns? We have you covered!

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