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How to easily edit the font and spacing when copying text into Crelate

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Often times, when copying and pasting text between sources, each provider will render text slightly differently from where that text originated. To mitigate this, Crelate has implemented a "Clean Formatting" option for text pasted in externally. This feature attempts to revert that text to the original text space that it came from. You'll want to make sure all text is highlighted prior to selecting the Clean Formatting option. To utilize this, you may highlight the text once it has been pasted to Crelate. From there, you may select the paintbrush icon to attempt to revert that text back to it's original formatting.

Each provider will render that formatting slightly different meaning that the exact replication may not be 100% consistent across Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. This is not something Crelate can control but ultimately affects all emails sent between different providers.

**Please Note** For best formatting we always recommend creating email templates within Crelate.

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