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There is now a new option help improve the quality of applications sent from Indeed. Enabling this setting will only share disposition data related to recent applications sent from Indeed. Sending disposition data to Indeed can help you get more quality applicants for your jobs.

  • Indeed is successfully using Disposition Data as part of our continual efforts to increase the quality of applications sent to employers.

  • Employers who send Disposition Data to Indeed are likely to receive higher quality applications than employers who do not send Disposition Data to Indeed.

How does a Disposition Data integration work? When an employer makes a change in the ATS to the status of an application that came from Indeed, the ATS (Crelate) transmits the new status signal, along with an anonymized application ID and a date/time stamp.
โ€‹How is Indeed using Disposition Data to increase the quality of applications? The disposition data that Indeed collects from Crelate is being aggregated and analyzed by the job seeker product team. Disposition data is used to improve targeting of job advertisements and the application experience in order to help candidates better understand how the skills on their resumes meet your requirements, as seen in the following examples. View the attachment provided by Indeed for more information.

To enable, navigate to Settings | Basic Setup and scroll down to the Indeed section. You may opt in or out at any time by moving the slider to YES or NO.

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