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CareerBuilder requires that you have an account set up with them before Crelate can post jobs to their site. Once you have an account with CareerBuilder, they will provide you with a Vendor Id number which you can enter into Crelate.

**Please note** You must contact CareerBuilder for this ID.

Setting Up Crelate with CareerBuilder

To begin, navigate to Settings | Integrations.

Next, enter your vendor id in the field and select Save.

(The CareerBuilder Vendor id is in a format of 20 characters, usually starting with ED, and will look something like this: ED3H3MD5WRAAAAP729GL)

Posting a Job to CareerBuilder

To post a Job to CareerBuilder, ensure your job is published and then select Post under Sponsored Postings.

Then, to publish to CareerBuilder, select the tile in the sponsored options choose your Job Type and agree to the terms and conditions before selecting Purchase.

Your Job will now be posted to CareerBuilder for one calendar month and your account will be charged per your terms with CareerBuilder. If you would like to make updates to the posting, you can edit the information in the Publish tile on the Job. A request to update the job will automatically be sent to CareerBuilder.

What's Next?

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