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Remove and Add Candidates to a Job
Remove and Add Candidates to a Job
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In Crelate, you'll have several easy ways to both add contacts as well as remove them from a job.

Removing a Contact from a Job

The first is to navigate to that contact's record and select the status drop down on the job you'd like to remove them from. The very last option will be 'remove.'

Next, from within the job dashboard, you may drag and drop them to the 'remove' option. This will most likely display towards the bottom of your screen when starting to drag that candidate down. This may be done in bulk.

Adding a Contact to a Job

To add, you may use the plus sign next to any workflow stage to have the ability to import recent contacts, find a specific candidate, or import resumes.

You may also do this from the contacts record by select the Add To option on top of the page.

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