Crelate provides the ability to enhance the way candidates are submitted via Submittal Settings. Enabling this feature will allow an audit history of client access to your submittals as well as direct shareable links for each client.

To enable, navigate to Settings | Submittals and turn the toggle to Yes.


Once enabled, Enhanced Submittals allows you to configure a number of aspects:

  1. View submittal access history - Allows users track which candidates have been viewed and when as an audit history

  2. Submittal Page Logo - Allows users to customize and add a logo to the submittal page

  3. Shared Links - Allows users to set an expiration for how long the link is active based on clicks, days, or both

  4. Contact Fields - Configure which contact fields the recipient can view (ie., phone number, email address, current position, etc.)

What's Next?

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