Crelate provides the ability to enhance the way candidates are submitted via Submittal Settings. This will allow you to provide a link where your clients can navigate to directly, without any required log in information to view candidate details. This feature can be used as an extension of Crelate's existing Submittal Feature. This capability gives you much more control over who has access to your submissions and even allows you to see who views your submissions in order to help reduce backdoor hires.

The article will cover two primary topics:

Using Enhanced Submittals

1. To begin, you'll want to submit one or multiple candidates.

2. Once a candidate is selected and submitted, you'll have the ability to select a check box to Include a link in your submittal window. Your Enhanced Submittal MUST be enabled prior to viewing this check box: Enabling Enhanced Submittals.

3. One selected, a link is then included at the bottom of the submittal email.

4. After sending the submittal, your client may select the link to be directed to your submittal page.

5. When a candidate's name is selected, two tabs will be present Resume and Candidate Info. Of note, you may include multiple documents both in your submittal emails as well as via the shareable link: How to Include Multiple Documents in a Submittal

Enabling/Configuring Enhanced Submittals

To enable, navigate to Settings | Submittals and turn the toggle to Yes.


Track If and When A Candidate Has Been Viewed

With enhanced submittals, the history of your submitted candidates is tracked. You can see which candidates have been viewed and when via a detailed audit log.


Link Expiration

To configure whether or not the link of your submittal will expire, simply check or uncheck the following boxes:


To set when a submittal link will expire, you can edit the number of days or clicks:


Candidate's Contact Information

If you would like to determine what information is shared with your clients, you may select which fields will be made available by selecting the link (see below):


What's New?

Need more information on Crelate's submittal feature including the ability to create submittal templates? Check it out below!

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