Adding Fields to Record

How to add/edit fields to a Contact, Company or Opportunity Record

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In Crelate, you'll have the ability to quickly add fields on a Contact, Company or Opportunity. This will help you to add new or additional data points such as email address, phone number or other important record details.

To start, select the Edit or Add drop-down on your record.

The Add drop down will display a drop down below of fields you may add. The add drop down is beneficial should you have a quick field you'd like to add.

The Edit drop down will display the full record form. This will allow you to add multiple fields easily by tabbing through the form.

Fields that have multiple options (such as email address) will allow you to label a primary via a gold star. A filled-in gold star designates which type is marked as primary. Click on a faded gold star to mark that type as Primary instead.

On Contacts, the Primary Email Address also appears under the contact's name. Changing the email address under the Title or in the form will change it in the other location.

What's Next?

As an account administrator, you'll have the ability to create custom fields and manage the display order of your fields

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