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The Bulk Email Limit is applied on a per user, per month basis and is only applicable to mails sent in bulk. Individual mail sends, as well as Email Campaign sends do NOT count against the limit. Bulk Email, unlike Email Campaigns, (which are best for mass emails) are designed to automate the process of sending many individual emails at once.

This is a very powerful tool and one that has the potential to be abused. We’ve establish limits to protect your domains reputation, your access to 3rd party mail APIs as well as the security and availability of our services. The limits are designed to be well generous (again, individual + campaign mails don’t count) but to also be compliant with Google and Microsoft mail API sending policies which have a range of recipient and mail send limits. Users that regularly exceed Google and Microsoft transaction email limits risk being blacklisted or cut off from programmatic email sending. Our limits are designed to protect our users from that risk.

Pro Tip: For a more robust emailing experience with higher limits, check out our business only feature Email Campaigns. This tool will also allow you to track open and click rates!

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