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Crelate provides our customers the opportunity to post jobs via a variety of different job boards. For a full list, navigate to Settings | Portal | Basic Setup and make sure your Job Board Publishing is set to Enabled. From there, Select Individual Job Boards to view a list of job board integrations.

A few important notes we've noticed from working with job boards for many years.

  • Whether or not your jobs are posting to organic sites is completely up to the individual vendor and their publishing policies.

  • It can take up to 48 hours for jobs to post to some of the organic job boards.

  • Any board can and will reject all or part of Crelate's feed of jobs at any time for any reason with or without notice.

Here also are a few tricks to try and Increase the odds that your posts are included for syndication:

  • Be sure you aren't just 'cutting and pasting' job descriptions for multiple unique opportunities - often the Job Boards assume these are duplicates and may not publish these jobs.

  • Be sure your job titles are "unique' as this cuts down on the possibility of spam being a problem.

  • Think about budgeting for Job Board Syndication and putting it as a cost of doing business.

What's Next?

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