Crelate's Client Portal allows you to engage with your clients as well as allow for Client Engagement within a portal to your Crelate account. Client Portals make it easier to collaborate with clients, share candidates and gather feedback in a secure, configurable and trackable manner. Customize your Client Portal to match your brand and recruitment process. You are in control of what gets shared, with whom and when.

When navigating to the Settings | Advanced | Client Portal you may be directed if you have not yet added the client portal to your subscription. Selecting Setup Now will begin the process of adding that to your account.


You may also navigate to Settings | Manage Licenses to view the available options.

Once you have selected a plan, you'll then need to select the green check box followed by 'Purchase' to complete the process. This will then redirect you to begin setting up your Client Portal.

What's Next?

With your Client Portal Purchased, check out our Master Guide to begin utilizing!

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