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Email Campaign Statuses
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When sending an Email Campaign, Crelate will provide a status to allow users to track the progress of that campaign email. These statuses are searchable allowing you to query your database for contacts with a delivery, hard bounce, clicked, etc status.

The statuses will also display directly on a contact record:

Campaign Status Meaning

For more information on what each status means, see the break down below:

  • Sent: Email has been sent from our email server

  • Delivered: Email has been received by recipient's mailbox (please note, not all email servers provide a 'delivery receipt' but for those that do, the delivered status will be added)

  • Opened: The recipient has opened the email

  • Clicked: The recipient has selected a link within the body of the email

  • Soft Bounce: Temporary delivery issues to recipient (Crelate will retry to send if address is valid)

  • Hard Bounce: Permanent delivery issues to recipient

  • Unsubscribed: The recipient has unsubscribed and wishes to not receive further campaign emails

  • Spam Complaint: The recipient has marked as spam in inbox

**Please Note** Statuses are dependent upon the recipient's email provider. If the provider does not callback an event such as an open, click, etc to our mail provider, this data then may not display. Not all providers use email webhooks and as as result, may not register an email campaign status. Crelate does not have any control over this functionality.

What's Next?

Want to learn more about how to search your database for these statuses or how to group candidates on a job based on who has opened your email? Take a look below:

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