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Including Multiple Documents in a Submittal
Including Multiple Documents in a Submittal
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This article will focus on how you may include multiple document types within a submittal email. For more on sending submittals please refer here: Sending a Submittal Email

To start, navigate to Menu | Manage Your Profile & Preferences.

Next, navigate to My Templates and either create a new template or utilize an existing template (by double clicking it).

By default, each candidate's resume will be attached to the submittal email, but additional documents can be included too (for example: you might want to also include a cover letter document for each candidate).

To configure which document types are included in a submittal:

1. Click the link next to Attachments on the email template. A window containing a list of attachments will pop up. This is the list of document types that will be included in the submittal for each submitted candidate.

2. To add additional document types, click the green plus icon at the top of the list.

Pro Tip: Want to add a new type to display? Consider Adding a New Document Type.

3. Optionally, you can check the "This document type is a required attachment" and "Allow multiple of this document type" check boxes at the bottom:

Checking the "Required" box means that you will not be able to send a submittal email without this document for each candidate. If the "Allow multiple" box is checked, then the submittal email will include all documents of this type for each candidate. Otherwise it will just include the most recent document.

Once additional types are added and you return to your submittal email, you'll notice those additional document types towards the top of your screen via the Documents tab (see below).

What's Next?

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