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Crelate Talent What’s New – June 2020

Our June release focuses on recruiter productivity, Indeed integration and system stability. We have improvements in this release that make repetitive tasks faster such as scheduling follow-ups and planning future activities, we’ve improved our integration with Indeed to help you better promote remote jobs, and we continue to invest to make your overall experience within Crelate faster and more reliable. This work is the direct result of feedback from you, our customers who we care for and want to help on a daily basis. Thank you thankful for your commitment and frank feedback of our product and we look forward to a continued relationship where we help your business grow.

Activity Enhancements

We’ve got a couple of cool additions to make your recruiting process more efficient!

Impact: None - Optional new functionality added.

  • NEW - Bulk creation of activities

We've expanded the use of bulk activities to both Contacts and Search result grids! Let’s say you have just sent a LinkedIn InMail to a batch of contacts and you want to quickly update those records in Crelate. You may now select up to twenty five contacts and create the same activity in bulk with notes appearing in the contact's activity feed.

  • IMPROVED - Follow up activities

Another feature we've expanded based on direct customer feedback is the creation of follow up activities. You can currently create a follow up activity from the Contact’s detail page but now you may create that follow up from within another activity. How awesome is that?! Fewer clicks to done. You’ve left a voicemail with a contact and you want to add a follow up task or phone call – now you can create that follow up directly within the current activity you're creating.


Indeed Enhancements

Indeed is helping employers and agencies adapt to what's happening with COVID-19 and remote work.

Impact: None - Optional new field when publishing jobs.

NEW - We've added the ability to set a job as remote or COVID-19 related. Now when you publish jobs in Crelate you can set if they're completely remote, remote as a result of COVID-19, or in-office which will display and publish via Indeed. That allows your candidates to find your remote opportunities more easily!


Impact: None - Informational Only

NEW - Our partnership with Indeed allows you to publish jobs to the largest job board in the U.S. In this release, we’ve improved integration with Indeed as a whole by providing more robust data to help your job postings.


Enhanced Submittals


NEW - Enhanced Submittals

Impact: Optional actions required

Our latest release features a new way to submit candidates to your clients. In addition to submitting via Client Portal, recruiters may now "submit via link". This new capability gives you much more control over who has access to your submissions and even allows you to see who views your submissions. This can help you reduce backdoor hires.

Submit by Link is available now to all Business level and higher customers.

  • NEW - Submit via Link - When using a submittal template, users can now select to send via link instead of via attachments. You can even configure what Candidate fields to display when the link is clicked.

  • NEW - Submittal Link Tracking - When using the new Submit via link feature, you can now see when and how many times a link has been used.

  • NEW - Link Controls - Control how many times a Submittal Link can be used and how long it is valid for. This can help you keep better control of your data and submissions.

Enhanced Submittals

System Performance Updates

IMPROVED – System Performance

Impact: None - Informational Only

We’ve put a whole lot of effort into making Crelate faster and more stable.

IMPROVED - We’re continuing to invest in system performance. We have been working on a variety of platform updates to make your experience faster and more reliable. We’re told that Crelate is one of the fastest systems around and we’re proud of that and want do even more!

IMPROVED – Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve made major improves to our RingCentral integration. Working with RingCentral, we’ve resolved over 20 issues related to the RingCentral authentication process, text integrations and more.

And more goodies…!

We’ve fixed 111 bugs since our March release and here are some highlights:

ADDED - Activity Form picklist questions can now be mapped to the Tags attribute on a contact, job, or company record. Try it…you’ll like it!

FIXED – We’ve fixed several bugs with the Chrome parsing tool.

FIXED – The Facebook integration dialog now validates that the company URL includes “https://”.

FIXED – We’ve fixed a few bugs with the email campaigns and bulk emails.

CHANGED: Added better error handling and logging for custom reports.

FIXED – a bug with publishing a sponsored job to CareerBuilder.

FIXED – We’ve fixed a few bugs with tags and tag categories.

What's Next?

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