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Send Bulk Email vs Start Campaign
Send Bulk Email vs Start Campaign
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In Crelate, you'll see the option to Send Bulk Email in addition to Start Campaign. There are several differences here that will be noted below.

Send Bulk Email: For the Send Bulk Email option, this will come directly from your email server. Therefore, when sending a message, you may send in bulk with no BCC or CC to a group of candidates. This email, as a result of coming from your email server, will show directly in your sent email folder. These emails will NOT have the option to track open rates, click rates, etc through Crelate's Campaign function.

We’ve established limits on bulk emails to protect your domains reputation, your access to 3rd party mail APIs, as well as the security and availability of our services. The limits are designed to be generous but also compliant with Google and Microsoft mail API sending policies which have a range of recipient and mail send limits. Users that regularly exceed Google and Microsoft transaction email limits risk being blacklisted or cut off from programmatic email sending. Our limits are designed to protect our users from that risk.

Start Campaign: For the Start Campaign option, these emails will come from your email address but from Crelate's email server. Meaning, you will not see these emails in your sent box but will be able to track open rates, click rates, etc as a result of these emails being sent from Crelate's email server. **Please Note** This is the recommended approach in Crelate as Campaigns allow for more robust email tracking.Similar to the above, there is no CC or BCC with this option. As a result of these emails coming from our email servers, we may allow for higher daily, monthly, and per send limits than those from your server.

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