Saving and Deleting a Search
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In Crelate, you have the ability to run database queries and both save and delete those searches.

For more information on our search, please navigate to the link here: Using Search

Saving a Search

Once you have run your search, you may use the search drop down in the top left of your screen to then save that search (see below). Additionally, this will provide a menu of any additional saved searches along with your 5 most recent unsaved searches.

Pro Tip: Are there filters that you consistently use in search? Check out our quick tutorial below on how you may save templates searches for yourself and your team.

Deleting a Search

To later delete that search, you may again use the drop down (if your search is not already selected) to select that search. Next, you'll see a menu of Actions. Within that list, you'll see the option to delete.

What's Next?

Looking for more search training and more advanced steps? Take a look at our content below!

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