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Finding or Editing Your Lists
Finding or Editing Your Lists
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A List in Crelate is a collection of records that are manually added. Often this is thought of as a "Static" list. For example, Contacts or Candidates are manually added and removed from the list. Once created, you'll be able to easily find and edit your lists.

Finding Your List

To access a list, go to Contacts | All Recent Contacts | Lists.

To delete or rename that list, select the cog wheel in the top right hand corner.

From there you'll have the option to delete, add, rename, and share with other users

To edit your list, simply select the Find option at the top of your screen. That will then allow you to add or remove previously used filters.

Pro Tip: You may even use Find to look up your lists and add additional filters.

As an Admin, you will be able to view All Lists created in your database in Settings > Data Quality > Lists:

This will allow Admins to view and know who created each list and when, and to see if it is Shared.

What's Next?

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