Crelate's search supports the use of Boolean logic. This article will discuss some of the primary concepts of Boolean (but not all) help to set an order of operations and connect search terms through the use of:

  • And

  • Or

  • And Not

Boolean operators help to focus your search primarily when searching through multiple terms.

**Please Note** Crelate does not require the use of capitol letters when using And | Or | And Not

The logic can help to connect these terms together and more narrowly focus or expand the listed results. For example:

Another main component of your search in Crelate is the use of quotations. Quotations will allow you to emphasize and exact match for keyword searches. IE. Sales Manager vs "Sales Manager"

  • Sales Manager without quotes will render results for BOTH keywords of sales and manager. As a result, this will likely be a long list.

  • "Sales Manager" when put in quotations will only return results in which those terms are used in conjunction with one another and as a result, will return fewer results.

The last key point focused in this article is the use of parenthesis. Parenthesis can help to group terms together to further define your logic. For instance, in the example below, we're telling Crelate to return contacts that have either the word sales OR the word marketing on their resume. Only 1 of those 2 words is enough to satisfy the first requirement. However, the next portion, separated by the word OR, states that if the contact has the word reseller AND director that can ultimately supersede the necessity of the first portion of our statement (ie. the need for sales OR marketing). Meaning we have actually expanded our results and stated that even if a contact does not have sales OR marketing but they do have both reseller AND director, they will return in our results.

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